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Dr. Sheetu Singh recently participated in National conference of pulmonary diseases held in Kochi from . She was a part of conducting the Interstitial lung disease workshop which was attended by students of pulmonology. Subsequently, she gave insights to audiences about the guidelines for the treatment of ILD and the learning steps from conducting the ILD India registry. She was also a quiz master for conducting the NAPCON PG quiz.

We as doctors work very hard in stressful conditions. Moments like these make it worth the effort. Discharged a Post COVID fibrosis patient who was brought in comatose state, was on ventilator, got extubated, started walking and is on room air!

ECMO training program conducted at RHL, Jaipur

Dr. Sheetu Singh is a godsend to our Family and words could never express our gratitude towards her for the outstanding support during my mother’s treatment at Rajasthan Hospital, Jaipur.
I would like to thank her for being the dedicated, thoughtful, and compassionate doctor that she is. She always go above and beyond and work tirelessly towards a healthy outcome.
I know how precious and limited time is, for a doctor and just want to let her know that I really appreciate the support and guidance given by her to my mother and is thankful for her time which was given so generously.
It wasn’t just the medicines, but her reassuring words which gave my mother the strength to pull through her illness.
She is hands-down one of the best medical doctors I have seen and I I am filled with immense gratitude to her for giving another life to my Mother.

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