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Biopsy is a medical process, in which one’s body tissue is extracted to look into it in more detail for examination. Most often the Biopsy specialist doctor near you in Jaipur will use terms like lesions, mass, or tumor to describe the abnormal tissues present in one’s body. They are the common terms that stress the ambiguous nature of the tissue. The suspicious area is usually spotted during a physical examination or an imaging test from inside.

We will explain the various conditions that can lead to biopsy and emphasize the importance of contacting Dr. Sheetu Singh is a top biopsy specialist doctor in Jaipur, to get the correct diagnosis and earliest possible treatment.

Types of Biopsies

The kind of biopsy can vary depending on the situation. Almost all of them use a very sharp tool to take out a tiny piece of tissue. The biopsy, if taken from the skin or other sensitive area, will be numbed with the medicine first.

Here are some types of biopsies:

  • Needle Biopsy
  • Skin Biopsy
  • Bone Marrow Biopsy
  • Endoscopic Biopsy
  • Liver Biopsy
  • Kidney Biopsy
  • Lung Biopsy
  • Muscle Biopsy
  • Bone Biopsy
  • Prostate Biopsy

When do you need a Biopsy Specialist Doctor in Jaipur?

If you are looking for the best doctor for Biopsy in Jaipur, then these are the conditions when you will need them:

  • Abnormal Test Results

If you have already undergone the medical tests and if the results are abnormal or doubtful, your doctor will suggest you to do a biopsy. This is a biopsy analysis expert who can surely accurately perceive these results and thus, be able to make the decision to go for further investigation.

  • Presence of Tumors or Masses

The detection of a lump, mass, or tumor inside the body turns into the need for a prompt action. The biopsy is most frequently the technique of detection that is used to detect whether the mass is benign or cancerous. The biopsy can be taken during a regular medical checkup or through the imaging techniques, such as ultrasound, MRI, or CT scans, which are utilized to determine the growth’s character.

  • Monitoring Disease Progression

For people who have a proven medical problem, for instance cancer, a biopsy expert is very important because he/she keeps an eye on the disease progression and the treatment results. The second breast cancer biopsies might be required to check if there are any changes in the tumor characteristics, to find the drug resistance or to discover whether or not the recurrence has occurred.

  • Confirmation of Diagnosis

In contrast, at times when the initial diagnosis based on the imaging or other tests is not conclusive or the result looks ambiguous, a biopsy gives a sure answer which either confirms or rejects a particular medical condition. Mostly, it is the treatment methods decision making and the achievement of the best results for the patients that are the main issue.

  • Guiding Treatment Decisions

The biopsy results not only confirm the disease but also, most importantly they reveal the type, the grade, and the stage of the cancer. This data is the predominant part of the treatment approach formation that may include surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, or targeted therapies, for the distinct patient.

Why Are Biopsies Done?

Biopsies usually are performed to determine the presence of cancer. Biopsies are useful for finding other diseases as well.

Biopsy Specialist and Expert Diagnostic in Jaipur, Rajasthan, may suggest a biopsy if there is a medically important question that it can help to answer. Here are just a few examples:

  • A mammogram reveals a lump or mass, hence there is the likelihood of breast cancer.
  • A mole that has already been on the skin has changed its shape recently and the melanoma is possible.
  • The case of a person with chronic hepatitis and the presence of cirrhosis is known to be acute.

Sometimes, a biopsy of the tissue that looks pretty normal is carried out. This allows us to check for cancer spread or organ rejection.

Generally speaking, in most instances a biopsy is taken to identify a problem or to help find the best treatment option.

Dr. Sheetu Singh | Best Doctor for Biopsy Treatment in Jaipur

Dr. Sheetu Singh is a very competent and experienced Biopsy Specialist Doctor in Jaipur. Through her specialization in pulmonology and interventional procedures, Dr. Sheetu Singh has become one of the best doctors for Biopsy treatment in Jaipur. The fact that she has been able to offer patients accurate diagnoses and personalized care has made her the most sought after Biopsy Specialist Doctor.

Dr. Sheetu Singh cutting-edge clinic is being fitted with the newest biopsy tools and imaging technologies, therefore, the patients will be treated with the most accurate and less invasive biopsy procedures. Her group of qualified health workers cooperates with her in order to create a room which is both comfortable and supportive for the patients who are going to undergo biopsies.

If you need a biopsy for the diagnosis or monitoring of a medical condition, then you should consult Dr. Sheetu Singh, the best Biopsy Specialist Doctor in Jaipur, for the guidance and the exceptional care.

Dr. Sheetu Singh, a nationally renowned pulmonologist, Director ILD & Pulmonary Rehab Clinic, is an expert in chest-related conditions. She got her training from SMS Medical College, Jaipur followed by a visit to Cleveland Clinic, USA.

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