Every year on October 24, the world celebrates World Polio Day. It is a day dedicated to making the world polio-free. It is a day to celebrate the progress made in eradicating polio and to commemorate the achievements of health workers and volunteers who work diligently to achieve the goal. The World Health Organization defines polio as a serious disease caused by a virus that targets the nervous system and can result in permanent paralysis. As a result, it is critical to eradicate polio on a global basis. 

World Polio Day is an event held to recognize the efforts made worldwide by various organizations and groups of people to eradicate poliomyelitis (polio). The World Health Assembly pledged in 1988 to eradicate the polio virus globally. The WHO proclaimed the European region polio-free in 2002. On October 24th, World Polio Day is celebrated to raise awareness about polio vaccination for children and to recognize the efforts of health workers, volunteers, and everyone else who contributes to the cause of polio eradication. To participate in marking World Polio Day 2023, contact Dr. Sheetu Singh. She is an experienced advocate for global health and is actively involved in raising awareness about the ongoing fight against polio. Her knowledge and devotion make her a useful resource for anyone looking forward to contributing to the eradication of this debilitating disease. 

 Significance of World Polio Day 2023

World Polio Day 2023 is significant in its own right. It has been seen for more than a decade. It has a lot of significance. Rotary International and other private groups generate funds to build awareness initiatives about the severity of Polio disease and the significance of administering immunizations to babies in order to keep the country polio-free. 

World Polio Day 2023 is significant as it signifies another year of global commitment to polio eradication. This day serves as a reminder of the significant progress made in the fight against this awful illness, which has been made possible by the collaborative efforts of governments, health organizations, and devoted individuals all around the world. It is time to recognize the incredible decrease in polio incidence and the increasing awareness of the necessity of vaccinations. 

Furthermore, World Polio Day serves as a tremendous call to action, pushing us to keep working together until polio is completely destroyed. In 2023, it represents our unchanging desire to cross the finish line and ensure a polio-free world for future generations. 

History of World Polio Day 

Rotary International launched the World Polio Day campaign in 1985 to recognize the birth anniversary of Jonas Salk, an American physician and researcher who developed the first polio vaccine, which was used in 1955. Later, in 1961, the oral polio vaccine was developed by Albert Sabin to immunize kids with oral polio drops. Polio vaccines are currently highly recommended all around the world as a preventative measure for everyone, particularly tiny and fragile children under the age of five. 

Rotary International and the World Health Organization established the Global Polio Eradication Initiative (GPEI) in 1988. At the time, there were around 3,50,000 cases worldwide. The European countries have now declared themselves to be polio-free. But still Asian countries like Pakistan, Afghanistan, and India still find rare cases across the country. 

Rotary International has been celebrating World Polio Day 2023 for over a decade. This year, they announced a public awareness campaign to encourage parents to vaccinate their children on time. 

The Must-Know Top 4 Polio-Related Facts

  • Polio Mostly Affects Children: Polio is a disease that primarily affects children under the age of five.
  • Permanent Immobility: Polio might cause immobility of certain limbs or permanent paralysis. Poliovirus attacks the respiratory muscles of the afflicted person, causing immobility. Some people may die as a result of the infection.
  • Polio Cases Have Gone Down: Globally, there were over 350,000 polio cases in 1988, while there were just 37 cases in 2016.
  • Single Case: Even if there is just one instance of polio, the disease has the potential to spread.

What Can Be Done to Eradicate Polio? 

Everyone must work together to eradicate polio and make it a thing of the past. Polio could be eradicated forever if everyone works together. To that end, it is critical to mark World Polio Day and raise as much awareness as possible among people around the world. Observing polio awareness day can help people know about the disease’s severe effects and how it can paralyze a person for life. This will assist in sending the message to those living in the remotest part of the globe and acquaint them with the impact of polio on their children and their lives. 

Here are some methods for informing people about World Polio Day and steps to eradicate the deadly illness:

  • Spread Awareness about Polio in Your Community and People around You: If everyone promises to spread the word about the importance of the polio drive, it will make a difference in finding even one case of polio around the world. 
  • Offer Support in Saving Lives: Ignorance is a major disadvantage, especially when dealing with a communicable disease like polio. By initiating various awareness campaigns, it is possible to save lives and eradicate the polio virus completely. 
  • Getting into the Root Cause of Polio: Polio spreads through three kinds of viruses that are contagious and often spread through contact with the infected feces. Thus, polio is caused by handwashing and poor sanitation or by consuming contaminated food and beverages. To reduce the spread of polio, it is vital to raise knowledge about the causes of polio and preventive measures.
  • Use Social Media to Spread the World: On World Polio Day, use the occasion to share polio-related stories on social media platforms so that everyone can see them. You can utilize World Polio Day resources and share them on your social media accounts. 

What are the Different Ways to Observe World Polio Day?

  • Polio is a worldwide issue that requires the participation of global communities to eradicate. To help the cause, you can donate money as well as your time to raise awareness about polio.
  • One can also participate in activities to generate donations for various organizations striving to eradicate polio.
  • This day should be used to vaccinate your children against polio and to eradicate the infection. Vaccination is essential for controlling the spread of the polio virus. 
  • Many asymptotic carriers of the polio virus are likely to spread the disease. Use this day to get every kid vaccinated against this disease.


What is Polio?

Polio is a deadly disease that attacks the neurological system of humans via viruses and can result in permanent paralysis.

When did India’s pulse polio immunization campaign begin?

On October 2, 1995, India launched its Pulse Polio Immunization Program. Every year, India sets a pulse polio vaccine day to immunize children with oral polio drops. On March 27, 2014, India and other South-East Asian WHO areas were certified polio-free. 

What are the polio symptoms?

Some symptoms include a stiff neck, high fever, trouble speaking, difficulty breathing or swallowing food, pain in the limbs, exhaustion, paralysis, nausea, and headache.

Polio is caused by which virus?

Polio virus causes polio or poliomyelitis among humans, especially small children.

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