5 Reasons Why Asthma in the Winter Season is Worse!


Why Asthma in the Winter Season is Worse: Countless asthmatic patients want to know why they struggle more with their health during winter. Well, their question is appropriate because the winter season triggers respiratory problems more and makes them worse. Asthma sufferers have to face lots of challenges during cold weather due to various reasons. Moreover, they need to take care of themselves more during this time to be fit and stay healthier.

Don’t worry, because here we are to help you with our guide. In this blog, we will share the reasons why Asthma triggers more, why conditions get worse during winter for asthma patients, and what they can do to deal with this. This briefing will help you a lot, but besides this, you better consult with a doctor for more suggestions. Do not delay in visiting the doctor if your health condition gets out of your care a bit. 

Now let’s discuss it and figure out the best possibilities for better health. 

How Asthma Gets Triggered By Cold Weather?

The winter weather causes irritation in the airways, and also swells and inflammation the lining of the airways. The symptoms of asthma, including wheezing, shortness of breath, coughing, and tightness in the chest, worsen due to this inflammation.

The weather in winter isn’t always predictable; days with unusually mild temperatures alternate with cold fronts. Every time you step outside in the frost and then come inside to warm, air-conditioned air, your airways are likewise subjected to abrupt temperature shifts.

Sudden changes in temperature can also cause symptoms to flare up.” Extremes of heat or cold can aggravate an asthmatic’s condition.

It could appear that during the winter months, allergies to environmental triggers like ragweed or pollen take a break. However, keep in mind that if you travel during the winter to avoid the cold, these triggers will come back. Climates that are hot and muggy might also exacerbate asthma attacks.

Reasons why Asthma Gets Worse During Winters?

There are certain reasons why cold weather, triggers Asthma; such as: 

  • Dry Air Outside 

Your airways in the lungs are protected and layered with fluids. When you get into cold weather, the fluid gets evaporated which makes the airways inflamed and irritated. This is how dry air inhaling becomes challenging and that creates more problems to an asthmatic patient. 

  • Respiratory Illness 

Your airways are also protected with a layer of mucus, but that layer will get thick during the winter season. This enhances the chance of respiratory illness; such as cold, cough, and flu. These common winter infections can create major problems to your airways; which worsen the situation of asthma afterward. 

  • Exercises 

No denying that exercise is great for health and staying fit. But in the meantime, these exercises require huge lung capacity. Even when you walk in cold air, your airways become narrowed and restricted to breathing. This causes problems with breathing appropriately, and worsen the condition of asthma. 

  • Lower Immune System 

Cold weather impacts one’s immune system, which makes it hard for human body cells to fight against respiratory infections. Due to the non-fighting capacity of the immune system, you won’t be able to fight against illnesses that worsen asthma conditions again.

  • Spend Most Time Indoors 

When it’s winter, most people prefer staying at home during cold weather. Due to staying at home for a long period; this will increase the chances of respiratory problems, and can trigger asthma more. 

Precautions to Take During Winters for Asthma Patients 

  1. Use Your Inhaler accordingly: Keep using your inhaler on a regular basis to improve your quality of life and asthma management.
  2. Wash your hands: The best defense against any infection is to wash your hands with soap and water. It is advised to often sanitize your hands when you are outside to prevent infection of any kind.
  3. Wear masks: You can prevent infections by covering your mouth and nose with a mask. Additionally, shielding your face with a mask will safeguard you from the cold and wind.
  4. Maintain a dust-free home: To lessen allergens, dust your home often. One needs to be cautious about indoor pollution because fewer people are working from home these days and because colleges are offering online courses. Keeping your home clean will help you prevent asthma episodes.
  5. Give up smoking: Giving up smoking is beneficial for any health-related issues.
  6. Dress warmly when you go outside to avoid being exposed to the cold. When you leave the house, dressing warmly can help you retain body heat.


No denial with the worst asthmatic conditions during winters. But these respiratory problems can be sorted out with right advice from a good pulmonologist, and taking care of precautions. This blog was fair enough for you to understand the cause of worst asthma condition during cold weather, and some precautions to follow in order to deal with the condition. 

Also, don’t forget to take guidance from doctors to know what best to do for better healthcare measures.

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