When is a Sore Throat a More Serious Infection

A sore throat is a common ailment often caused by viral infections like the common flu or cold or occasionally by bacterial infections such as Streptococcus. The majority of sore throats are minor and go away on their own in a couple of days. However, it’s critical to be on the lookout for indications that […]

World Pneumonia Day 2023: Saving Lives and Promoting Awareness

Every year on November 12th, there is an event called World Pneumonia Day that aims to increase awareness and encourage action against pneumonia. It is a day set aside to draw attention to and resources toward this fatal condition, which claims the lives of nearly 2 million children annually throughout the world. Pneumonia is an […]

World Diabetes Day 2023: Theme, History, Significance, Importance, Celebrations and Preventive Measures

Get excited for World Diabetes Day on November 14! The World Health Organization and the International Diabetes Federation established this day in 1991 to increase public awareness of diabetes. Since then, communities from all around the world have come together to celebrate and exchange experiences, knowledge, and tales about the disease on November 14 of […]

Sore Throat in Adults: Symptoms, Diagnosis, Treatment and Prevention

Sore Throat in Adult: A Sore Throat is a common issue and usually is caused by a bacterial or viral infection. The medical term for a Sore Throat is ‘Pharyngitis’. In adults, it typically goes away on its own without any issues, but it’s crucial to know when to seek medical help. A sore throat, […]

National Cancer Awareness Day 2023: Date, History, Significance, Facts About Cancer, Symptoms, Types, and How It Prevented

National Cancer Awareness Day 2023: National Cancer Awareness Day is held on November 7 globally. According to WHO data, nearly 70% of cancer-related mortality occurs in low- and middle-income countries. About one-third of deaths are due to cancer, which is brought on by things including smoking, having a high body mass index, drinking, eating few […]

Sore Throat: Symptoms, Causes, Prevention and Treatment

A Sore throat is a scratching, pain, or burning sensation in the throat that often gets worse when swallowing. The most common cause of a sore throat (Pharyngitis) is a viral infection such as the Flu or a cold. A sore throat is a burning or scratchy feeling in the back of your throat. Symptoms […]

World Stroke Day 2023: History, Theme, Significance, Symptoms, Prevention, and Importance of World Stroke Day

The World Stroke Organization (WSO) established World Stroke Day on October 29, 2004. The WSO declared to celebrate this day at the World Stroke Congress in Vancouver, Canada. This day is observed worldwide to raise awareness of the significance of rising stroke rates. As per an estimate, one in four people will experience a stroke […]

World Polio Day 2023: Together for a Brighter Future

Every year on October 24, the world celebrates World Polio Day. It is a day dedicated to making the world polio-free. It is a day to celebrate the progress made in eradicating polio and to commemorate the achievements of health workers and volunteers who work diligently to achieve the goal. The World Health Organization defines […]

Global Handwashing Day 2023: Clean Hands Save Lives

Global Handwashing Day is an annual global advocacy day dedicated to promoting soap-free handwashing as a simple, practical, and cost-effective strategy to prevent disease and save lives. The Global Handwashing Partnership founded Global Handwashing Day as an opportunity to design, test, and repeat unique ways to urge people to wash their hands with soap at […]

H3N2 Flu: Symptoms, Treatment, Outlook and Prevention

Colds, flu and fever are the first illnesses to show up when the weather and climate change. H3N2 is one Influenza that has received a lot of recent attention. H3N2 is a non-human Influenza that normally circulates in pigs but can infect humans. The viruses known as “swine influenza viruses” commonly affect pigs. They are […]

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